Sarah O’Hora

The Story

‘Action expresses priorities’ (Ghandi)  so it is clear from my persistent recourse to sewing, painting and drawing from a young age that these are my priorities. A rather wavering course through other careers and interests has inevitably brought me back to these activities. Those other interests included an extended flirtation with medical research, which still  appeals to my head, but never elicits the visceral delight of images, patterns and colours. Consequently, over the last few years I have focussed on creating textile and multimedia work for exhibition and sale. My style quickly evolved from traditional patchwork techniques to a contemporary approach which often relies on dense machine stitching.  My process frequently begins with an image which I explore using photoshop, and then use elements of to create something new. This enjoyment of the digital process is the result of using computers for nearly thirty years – since the days of the zx spectrum, and working from the C:\ before the days of windows. It is probably no surprise that I am now embarking on transferring my work to digitally printed textiles.